Jean Middleton

2014 honoree

I first became knowledgeable about the advertising industry when I was in my final days as an undergraduate student in college. I had always thought it was core sales and solely marketing. Then I had the privilege of meeting a few creative artists in the industry. They were able to show me the ins and outs of what they did on a daily basis. This was such a culture shock and from that point on I was immediately attracted to the creative aspect of the industry.

Through my experiences I have been able to deal a great amount of working with people, the psychology behind running a successful team, as well as having the ability to flex my creative muscles. My goal is to become a Director of Diversity and Inclusion while also being able to chase my passion in film writing, production and directing. Being able to share my creative genius with the world in the hopes that it will inspire at least one mind to reach for greatness is my goal. Although, that will just be the beginning.

Getting to where I am today was truly a humbling and eye opening journey. Once I completed the Marcus Graham Project in the summer of 2013, the universe began to align itself with my wants and my desired slowly became my reality. Initially it was all surreal and a bit overwhelming as all of the information, exposure and opportunities seemed to come simultaneously. Now I am able to focus by staying on my creative path and striving to do the things that I once thought impossible.

Looking back on it all if I could tell my younger self one thing it would be to stay focused. Distractions will come at you left and right but if you substitute spending with investing, materialism with building wealth, and rash decision making with discipline - the world will truly be yours. Dreaming is great and I encourage all to do so, but dreams won't work unless you truly believe it and take action. 

As an outgoing, dedicated idealist I understand that inspiration comes from within. It's important to speak ideas and possibilities into existence and never accept defeat as permanent failure or a roadblock - it's simply a learning opportunity and preparing you for greatness to come.

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