Shon Davis

2013 honoree


Ever since the moment I took my first advertising course I immediately knew this was the industry for me. Once I landed my first internship in the field with a multicultural program in Santa Monica I realized that media was the right fit. My overall understanding and skills as an effective communicator have allowed me to navigate throughout the industry to my current role.

Next in my sites is to add international marketing experience to my resume. Whether it be through working on an international client or physically traveling overseas to gain some foot on the ground experience - I'm ready. I truly feel that through mastering these skills I will be able to make myself stand out amongst my peers.

It wasn't always this seamless for me. Actually, it wasn't until a bit later in my career that I started to truly feel comfortable and at home on my path. Starting out, I bounced around companies frequently and struggled with some core skills that were essential to being effective in my role. However, with hard work and determination I have been able to establish my presence and confidence.

All that goes to say that you should always be passionate about what you do. Your confidence, passion and enthusiasm should radiate throughout your creative and strategic thinking. That is something that I want to make sure everyone understands regardless of what discipline they are in. Whether it be creative or strategic, it is important to give it all that you've got!

As an ambitious and determined young man I plan to achieve levels of greatness I have only dreamt of. I am here to break barriers through being my authentic self. This will allow me to provide avenues for those who follow in my footsteps. I plan to change the awareness of our industry and to truly provide valuable opportunities for those who were once like me just looking to break through.


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